How to Load a Sidekick 2008 Theme

For OS X Users:

You'll need a memory card.

A huge thanks to Jim Nichols (aka Bibojim) for this How-To!

1. Download the theme(s) you wish to add from sk08Themes.

2. Extract the theme from the downloaded .zip file by double clicking on it

3. The theme will now be extracted in a folder

4. Connect your Sidekick 2008 to your Mac & create a new folder on your Sidekick 2008 and name it "Themes"

5. Copy the extracted theme folder(s) into the "Themes" folder on your Sidekick 2008

6. Now this is the part that will enable the themes to work once they have been copied from a Mac. You need to download an application like this one called "Cocktail" to delete the hidden files that cause themes to not work properly from Macs. You can find it here: (there are other applications out there that do the same thing, I just found this one to be straight forward) You will use the "Droplet" application called "Delete DS" which is located in the "Extras" folder of Cocktail. Drag the "Themes" folder from your Sidekick 2008 onto the "Delete DS" icon and release the mouse button when the icon is highlighted.

7. A dialog box will pop up and ask for your login and password for your Mac (you will need to know this info, kids ask your parents permission 1st) in order to delete these hidden files.

8. You will now be asked if you are sure you want to delete the hidden files, click "Delete" to do so.

9. Once the deletion has finished you can now eject (unmount) your Sidekick 2008 from your Mac (wait at least 5 seconds before unplugging the Sidekick 2008)

Now all of your themes should show up on your Sidekick 2008!


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